Nov 3, 2011


Good leaders should actually listen to their subordinates
regardless the gender, race.
Once they are appointed, they should notice that they are responsible in handling whatever they supposed to.
The criticism from their subordinate must be considered well,,why they said so? why the critic you so much? why they critic you like hell?
Sometime the subordinates might think you are the appropriate one to listen to their grievances.
That is absolutely your duty!!!!!!!
pls take note
why did you insisted on telling you're not supposed to be the place to listen to that stupid things?BECAUSE YOU ARE THE LEADER
did u get it?
u made a big mistake when you decided to resign
hahahahaha how killer my words til u've decided to resign
you loose man!
my killer words supposed to be your motivation to improve your leading style and also your follower
my bad, that was what happen when i prefer not to do anything till one point i cannot stand anymore, It exploded sorry guy!
Anyway, i did ask fr ur apology
there are so much biased i can feel from the 1st day i enter the classroom.
I don't want to accept any instructions from you, yet i want to be involved in the discussion. Remember, you are nothing without my friends and I
From your statement, u made everyone misunderstood, whereby they think i don't like you to remain leader
It just grievances! Not asking you to resign.
You merajuk just like budak kecik.
plus, i dont bear to listen to any sucks words from your followers,
ko ingat ko je ade ayat sentap?
ko xtaw lagi laser aku cmne
dahla aku xgado nih
sbb bukan benda elok pon
lainlah ko
Jgn igt aku diam aku takut
It jus i dun want things to get worse
as long i can bear, I'll do so
that was what my friends described u as
according to Tun Mahathir: MELAYU MUDAH LUPA & immpossible to change the way they behave.
ACCORDING TO ME: melayu mmg selalu layu, pantang kena kritik, dah gelabah mcm kena bom! Dengan kaum sendiri pon nak gaduh2.